Music is me...

My name full name is Marloes Groen, I was born at the 7th of November 1984 and I come from the Netherlands. I grew up in a small village called Heiloo a cute village near a hot town called Alkmaar. This is also where I live today. My dream has always been to have a well going career as a singer songwriter.

When I was little I used to have a lot of music around. My mother is a professional piano player and she has played several styles and sorts of music, which has influenced me a great deal. My father used to be a great guitar player. In 1990 I started taking piano lessons. At the beginning I used to go from one teacher to the next teacher. I didn’t adore playing the piano so much from the start until I started using what I learned from my piano lessons to create songs. The more I learned from my piano classes the more melodies came in my head. Ever since the piano and I were each other’s best friends. Every now and then I did performances in my hometown, which stimulated me to play the piano as well.

From 1990 until 1993 I took classical ballet classes. This hobby gave me the first opportunity to perform for a large audience in ‘De Vest’, a theater in Alkmaar, which I obviously enjoyed very much.
In May 1995 I got the chance to play some of my first compositions at ATV, a local television station in Amsterdam.
September 1997 I started taking jazz-dance classes at the ‘Graphelli Dancestudio’ in Alkmaar.
In September 1998 I became a member of the National Theater for Youth at this dance school. They’re doing shows all over the country. We had to wear special designed clothes. There were make-up artists to make us look like clowns. I really enjoyed doing the shows. Luckily at both elementary school and high school, they organize several music events a year such as ‘Closure of the Month’ & ‘Music Nights’. Most of the time at elementary school acting was also one of the things I did with pleasure, for instance in musicals.
In 1999 I went to a recording studio for my project ‘All abandoned by you’ for the first time. The reason for this was that I wanted to participate to the Princess Christina Competition. Although it is a contest where musicians play more traditional styles of music, I got through the first rounds of audition anyway. My demo version I recorded at the studio, still based on the classical influences I got back then, has a poppy beat with synthesizer instruments as example of how it should sound eventually, which to me is the purpose of a demo. Eventually I got through the auditions and performed my song, just behind a grand piano. I then decided to always write my songs that way.
In the meantime I had heard about a great dance teacher called ‘Randall Scott’. In 2000 I moved to his dance school.
In 2001 I auditioned for a TV-show called ‘Starmaker’ at TV-station Yorin.

The same year I started recording my songs at the studio of Remko Rijpkema (EDS Music). At that time I had written many songs which desperately needed to be recorded. Right then I didn’t have a clue of what he was doing in the studio. At his studio we recorded the songs ‘Did I ever say so’ and ‘Music is me’.

Through my mother I met a great American guitarist, Niki Buzz. In 2002 at his home studio we recorded ‘Tough Girl’. In February 2003 we recorded ‘Don’t try and change me’.

Smaller facts 2002 till now:

  • Throughout 2002/2003: Performances with a school band ‘Expedition’ of the Artiance in Alkmaar at places nearby.
  • June 2002: Crossroads, musical “Wanted”- Project of the Alkmaar Youth Theatre I performed as a piano player and singer together with an all ladies saxophone trio.
  • August 11th 2002: Recording Session 1, ‘No one like you’ at the music days of the Wisseloord Studio’s
  • October 20th 2002: Recording Session 2, ‘No one like you’ at the music days of the Wisseloord Studio’s
  • Throughout 2003/2004: Performances in Atlantis with the projects:
      Michael Jackson Uncovered
    Bob Marley Uncovered
    Doe Maar Uncovered.
    Stevie Wonder Uncovered
  • Since spring 2003: I have stopped following piano classes and dance classes due to obligations to college. I had to make place for another important reason, my graduation.
  • Spring 2003: photo shoot with a professional photographer Rico d’Rosario.
  • Spring 2003: through Grote Prijs Van Nederland I got in touch with producer Evert Nieuwstede who is going to help me record 2 of my songs professionally.
  • Summer 2003: I’ve done a performance singing my own songs in Grand-Cafe "Sonneveld" in Alkmaar.
  • In September 2003: I started a studiotechniques/producerstraining at the AudioVisual Academy in Hilversum and ended it successfully in November 2003.
  • Fall 2003: Recording Session at the Audio Visual Academy. ‘All about love’ and ‘Tonight we’ll fly’. Both were recorded and mixed by Melchoir Meijer: teacher and audio engineer at the Audio Visual Academy.
  • Fall 2003:I’ve played the main character of the new video of the Dutch funk/pop/reggae/rock band LEA ‘You can’t make me stop’.
  • I’ve done a singer/songwriters competition at Atlantis the 27th of April 2004.
  • Winter 2003 till Summer 2004: Together with professional musicians and recording artists such as Chris Beckers and Saskia Laroo I’ve been recording a song against violence called ‘Ik hou niet van geweld’ professionally.
  • April 27th 2004: singer songwriters contest ‘Noord Hollands Glorie’.
  • Fall 2004: Promotion for ‘Ik hou niet van geweld’ (I don’t like violence). Performances in Utrecht, Leiden and Noordwijk aan Zee. Interviews with local radio stations in Leeuwarden (Friesland), national newspaper ‘Noord Hollands Dagblad and local TV station ‘RobTV
  • February 13th 2005: singer songwriters competition ‘Bronzen Buurvrouw’ in Amsterdam.